CRM (Controlled Range of Motion) #140

CRM (Controlled Range of Motion) #140
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Palumbo's CRM Brace is an economical, lightweight, rigid framed brace which provides comfort and needed stability. This brace offers exceptional support and stability from knee injury through post-op rehabilitation. The precise R.O.M (range of motion) adjustments maintain selective ranges of flexion and extension while the brace also provides compression and support to the knee. · Washable, breathable foam wraps feature attachable molded posterior thigh and calf plates and non-stretch straps · The CRM has rigid medial and lateral uprights for exact hinge alignment · Easily adjustable hinges maintain positive locking action between setting of 0 to 120 degrees flexion and 60 to 0 degrees extension, all with 10 degree increments · Visible flexion and extension stops enhance patient feedback on the rehab · Universal circumference (adaptable to either leg in four standard sizes) and one piece removability facilitate patient compliance · Use to protect activity during post-op rehab after ligamentous surgical repairs and reconstruction · For any rehabilitation application which requires stability with selective ranges of limited motion · For post-injury application for grade1 through 3 sprains not requiring surgery
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